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First, I would like everyone to please turn their attention to my dear friend Tony aka CameraDude. Not only is he an amazing photographer, he is a wonderful guy and I believe that it is impossible not to feel grateful and inspired when you read the story behind this great piece of art: Paradox by CameraDude

Tony, Sophia's health and happiness is in all of our prayers.

Second, I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice concerning the business side of photography. I am very hesitant when it comes to putting my name as a photographer out there, but I think that I should. So any advice in regard to advertising, self-promoting....anything....would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.

:thumb55596437:   french style by beberni  :thumb75297931:

.g by dippedFEATHER   AgoraPhobia by Vic4U   .air. by MichalGiedrojc

:thumb75133455:   Love always, Natalie by mum   .... by vejitatoja

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I get a lot of requests from individuals asking to draw my work so here is just a quick statement to put out there.

Anyone is welcome to use my work as a reference. If uploaded to deviantart or any other website (including blogs and such), please link back to either my gallery or my original piece. Also, if the piece is uploaded to deviantart, please tag it with "evilxelf" so i can find it quickly and easily (I like to show my brother when people draw him. It makes him feel special). Finally, please send me a link so I can see!

However, in no way, shape or form may my work be manipulated. Changing the crop and color of my work is not alright, unless I otherwise give permission.

Thumbs :heart:

D E P A R T U R E by dholms   Eclipse by Onoma6   Where Rivers Come From by liiga

blind by Fokusmarokus   true passion by genepulse   Electric by CameraDude

Butterflies by BeatrizMartinVidal   to smile to the light by julie-rc   walk in the fog by WiciaQ

So Lo by er0k   Sad Song by Cutteroz   Anna by enasni

NOIR part 1 by marvelet   butterfly on light drugs by Khmelic   In black by vejitatoja
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Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow United States people. Happy November 22, 2007 to everyone else!

I finally got my hard drive back and only three photos were corrupt. Most of my music is still there too, but sadly the computer I now have does not have speakers. Oh well! Thanks to everyone for the support throughout. It was so awful not having all my files.

Has anyone here volunteered for the Peace Corps? I am planning on joining either after high school or after college. I'd love to hear from anyone who has experienced it.


grudge. by Pretty-As-A-Picture  :thumb69698728:  

12263 by malkiewicz   paint your autumn by ssuunnddeeww   Ballet IV by Krass62

bubble 01 by markhoff   hey baby by JuliaDunin   Strictly roots .2 by kMoOg
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Well after shelling out $1500 to get my files recovered, they called and said they were able to get them. So when I got the hard drive back, I was so eager. The directions said that I could just plug it in and alas, my files would be there. But what did it say when I doubled clicked on the folder: This folder is empty. Empty. As in no photos. I want to kill something or someone, preferably the people who thought it would be a good idea to get my hopes up. Just had to bitch and moan to the dead air of the internet.

:thumb57669603:   flowerish dynamics II by ThreeLibras   My ghost: the return by Cristel-m

Circus Runaway by irakly   The Dog by Virus69  :thumb40133593:

Dingus by planet0   Give it a try by ansmeer   .i, in my intricate image by mi4
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CameraDude is my hero by sending me this link:…

This is apparently happening to a lot of people, but sadly I don't even understand what they are talking about with "phishing" or whatever. But thank you all for your quick responses and concern. I am still going to change all of my passwords just in case. That was a 20 minute emotional rollercoaster that I truly did not need.



I have been very inactive online lately since my computer crashed. I sign on really quickly to check my Flickr account and I received a ton of hate mail saying I did something with porn or...I don't even know. These are the messages:

"Why did you post pornographic images on my photo?."

"I Don't get the mail you just sent me, are you trying to call me a pedophile?."

"Do that again and i will call the cops.."

"You have been reported to flickr.."

I am so confused and so fucking angry at this point. Can someone please help? Please
So there is a very high possibility that I may lose thousands (and I am talking around 40,000) of my pictures, both artistic and personal, because of my laziness and stupidity.

On Thursday, I woke up and when I tried to turn on my computer, it wouldn't go past a screen saying American Megatrends and then a bunch of code about the hard drive. We called a computer company and they couldn't help us over the phone, so my computer is currently away and we don't even know if the hard drive died or if it is a virus or what. All I know is that I may be losing most of my portfolio work plus thousands upon thousands of personal shots of loved ones.

So lesson learned. Back up your files, folks. It isn't worth it.
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So I am very happy the stolen work situation was cleared up so quickly, mainly thanks to a couple of very adamant friends who helped me out. They know who they are and I always appreciate their kindness.

Anyway. I really wish I could meet people from DA. The southern californians should band together one of these days.


solitude sounds by shamanski   best friend by sigpras   When the robins sing by CameraDude under sea flight by ThreeLibras   sea ghost 05 by rob-art  :thumb63920431:  :thumb40568443:   Amnesia by BaddogLtd  :thumb47626563:   Eternal Return by intao   .Field Of Dreams. by seorangprempuan   Negative Growth I by Raventhird  :thumb58750943:
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Thanks to a kind person on Flickr, stolen photos ON DA were found. Now I realize I have to go through all of my photos on Flickr as well and add watermarks. This is just...appalling.

"His"----> :thumb59290829:

is really mine:…





Please don't flame the guy, but also don't give him attention for my work. Thank you.
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CameraDude tagged me. I have to say 8 things about myself.

-I have severe anxiety and get serious panic attacks in crowds.

-I'm 17 and I've never been kissed. Boys don't like me :p

-I fall in love way too often and usually the victims of my affection are much older men *teachers*

-I would rather be reading than talking

-My greatest fear is never finding someone who will fall in love with me

-I waste too much time in my head instead of in reality

-I can't dance, unless it is to amazing boy bands or disney songs

-I love the feeling of waking up from a nightmare and realizing nothing has changed but hate waking up from a dream and realizing the same thing

And I tag no one cause I love you all
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I have a job tomorrow photographing a couple's 60th wedding anniversary. I'm nervous as hell. So if anyone has any advice for shooting inside a church, I would be very grateful.

:thumb60906971:   Deconceptual 3rd edition by flosaurus  :thumb62082955:

:thumb60597191:   Eden by drahomira   no, we are not cold by ssuunnddeeww   :thumb29892455:  

becca by andrewfphoto  :thumb50692176:   caress II full by itenerant

.back and forth by dippedFEATHER   i grew up,i called him mine by hitom  :thumb24098051:

Beauty - Beast by lukechueh   The fall of the sun by NSH   Long minutes by GabrielGabler

Hot and Hot Fish Club by HolgaVision
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:thumb58516852:  :thumb57652947:


Mature Content



Touch by justinblackphotos   Last Light by justinblackphotos


:thumb57920306:  :thumb13294502:


29 by ViestursLinks   Behind chain by ViestursLinks

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A few months ago, I spent the day with a professional photographer and our main discussion was the falling standard of photography as an artform. With the rise of digital, more and more people can afford to take up photography as a hobby, but have standards for what should be considered "good" lowered?

Now obviously the nature of art is based upon subjectivity, but I personally feel that there is a blurry line of success that in recent years, few have met. The terms "talent" and "genius" are thrown around to such a degree that they have lost their meaning. I know that whenever someone tells me I have talent I can't help but laugh because that same word is used to describe some emo boy who takes pictures of anything with eyeliner and dodged blue eyes.

But what I am concerned with is that we live in an incredibly voyeuristic society. Myspace, Facebook, deviantArt pages...all outlets for our own egocentric natures. I fear that many people my age who aim to become professional photographers have diluted themselves into thinking they have talent when in reality, they will not be taken seriously in the professional world.

So...thoughts? Or am I the only one who fears for photography?
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I just wanted to thank everyone for being so supportive with the stealing incident, especially skunkboy

Now to art, specifically the most beautiful things in the world: children =)

Peace by Ciril   Clem - i. by Renoux   Smile by CameraDude
Bringer of Autumn by equivoque  :thumb25979687:   Marylou by maxyme
:thumb25673146:   A Kiss and Some Drool by TimelessImages   Reine 2 by Djoe
:thumb28558805:   theotime by Gonzale  :thumb30717864:
sucka by ilovealex   + + + + + by A36yKA   Isabel by alexandernvm
Brothers by TimelessImages   s h a k a 0 2 by sigpras   The Little Vampire by melaniumom
African hope by Ciril  :thumb43769240:  :thumb30110627:

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I can't believe I have to address this issue yet again, but please do not use my work in *any way* without permission. I was browsing through a person's favorites and I came across an old old old deviation I had put in storage.


Mine. Not hers. I can't even report her until my version is taken out of storage. It is taking forever.

I get asked a lot for my photos to be used as references for drawings. I am okay with this, but credit must be given where credit is due. It is a little frustrating when you come across a drawing of one of your photos and no credit is given to the original artist.

So a summary: Steal and I will hunt you down.

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Whoever bought me the subscription, please tell me. Nice :hug:

Because of someone sweet and giving, I can now feature work again! Wooo

:thumb53487934: :thumb49431326: 4987529 by r3nya

:thumb40810751: :thumb52893892: 14 by cerenceren

songtosaygoodbye by ssuunnddeeww :thumb52814652: :thumb51974294:

The Girl and Boy.............. by YuriBonder :thumb43082240: :thumb48930010:

Eternal Believer by NadavDov Best friends by Ciril :thumb30556422:

Delicate by CameraDude

I love you Anonymous!
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I've been busy as hell these past few weeks and so I am sorry if I have been so slow at responding to people. yeah.

When I come back I know I will have missed out on a lot of great art, so how about everyone be kind and put links to some of your favorite deviations =)…………

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My camera is not working properly and I am freaking out because I have a job coming up in 2 weeks and I need it to work. Soooo...I'm hoping I could get some help here =D

First of all, autofocus is broken, so that sucks. But also, I will have the shutter speed high and it will shut really slow. And it seems louder.

My biggest fear is that it has run out of....clicks? Because my dear friend Tony informed me that the shutter can only work so many times.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? I'm really stressing out, because I cannot afford a new body right now!

Grrrr. And thanks for any help!
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I'm sorry I haven't been responding to anyone. I have been very stressed and busy and blah blah blah. I'm hoping to get my life back together soon!

So yes, thank you all for the support!
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I've had a couple of people make comments about my "obnoxious" watermarks, so I thought I would provide a journal as an explanation.

I got sick of getting notes containing links where people have used my work and the only way I am going to post anything is if I am protected. Plus I mainly photograph children. The watermarks make the parents feel more comfortable.

So I am sorry if the watermarks are distracting, but there is no way I am taking them off. And yeah, I could have made them smaller, but I am a paranoid freak. Shoot me.
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I'm running out of books. This past week I've read Candide, Fight Club, Unlubricated, Invisible Monsters and I am almost done with Breakfast of Champions.

So please suggest some books! I have read all of Chuck Palahniuk's stuff, I am working my way through Vonnegut, and I am planning on reading Tom Robbins next. I just need to make a list of books to get because I go through a book every day or so. It's really annoying.…